Analyzing conversations between your customers and call center agents can provide a lot of useful insight into your customer base. The software starts by recording conversations and using artificial intelligence (AI) to transcribe speech from both parties into text.

After transcribing the conversation, voice analytics software analyzes the text to find key information, such as common themes and even verbal queues.

In this section you can find the configurations to enable:

  • Categories - Applies queries built by VBQL(VoiceBase Query Language) to determine spoken instances on a recording (Script Adherence, Emotion, Call Outcomes, First Call Resolutions)

  • Conversation Metrics - Processes 40 measured metrics tracking the quality of the conversation in the recording (Sentiment, Overtalk, Talk style and tone, Talk time and rate)

  • Predictions - Enables models built by machine learning to make business predictions from a recording

  • Sentiment by Turn - Tracks positive and negative sentiment between a caller and agent on a recording(*NOTE: The recording must be in dual channel and stereo must be enabled)

  • Verb-Noun Pairs - Discovers topics of conversation in a recording and the verbs associated with those topics

  • Voice Features - Returns per word metrics of volume, pitch, and tone on a recording