VoiceBase can search across uploaded media documents and related results and metadata. This is intended for light use. We recommend building your own search if you have many end users.

To search media documents, one makes a GET request on the /media resource with any combination of the following acceptable query parameters:

  • after : Document uploaded after this mediaId
  • externalId : Documents with the specified external id in the metadata.
  • extendedFilter : A special filter which is of the form 'extendedFilter=Name:Value' which allows you to filter by extended metadata. Please note that the value of this field should be url encoded.
  • onOrAfterDate : Created on or after this date. Acceptable format: ISO8601 dates in either short form (YYYY-MM-DD) or including time (YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ).
  • onOrBeforeDate : Created on or before this date. Acceptable format: ISO8601 dates in either short form (YYYY-MM-DD) or including time (YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ).
  • limit : Limit of media documents returned.
  • sortOrder : Sort order of media documents by date.
    • asc : Ascending by date. Oldest to Newest.
    • desc : Descending by date. Newest to Oldest.


** Note: Export your api TOKEN prior to running any of the following examples.

export TOKEN='Your Api Token'

Metadata-Scoped Search

To scope the search to records containing a specific metadata value, add a metadata filter parameter. For example, to search media with a “customerId” of “10101”:

curl --header “Authorization: Bearer ${TOKEN}” \

Searchable Field Definitions

To enable search over an extended metadata field, you must explicitly make the field searchable. Use the PUT /definition/media/search api endpoint to do so.

curl \
  --header "Authorization: Bearer ${TOKEN}" \
  --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
  --request PUT \
  --data '{ "fields" : [ "extended.customerId" ] }'

Time-Range Restricted Search

To restrict a search to media for a specific time range, add filters for lower and/or upper bounds on the creation time and date of the media. For example, to find media only for the month of January 2016:

curl --header “Authorization: Bearer ${TOKEN}” \

VoiceBase supports ISO8601 dates in either short form (YYYY-MM-DD) or including time (YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ).

Search Pagination

VoiceBase V3 uses cursor-based pagination to achieve pages that are stable even as media is concurrently added to the collection. Each page is governed by two parameters: “after”, indicating the “mediaId” that immediately precedes the page, and “limit” which determines the size of the page (maximum implicit size is 1000). For example, if the first page ends with the “mediaId” of “f1ea0482-af9b-45d1-bd00-5eac31cd8259”, the next page of 100 results is:

** Note: Export the mediaId for which you want more recent results.

export MEDIA_ID='The pivot mediaId'

Make a GET request on the /media resource with the after query parameter set.

curl --header “Authorization: Bearer ${TOKEN}” \${MEDIA_ID}

Search with compound expressions, metadata-scoping, time-range, and pagination

To achieve metadata-scoping, date range filters, compound expressions and pagination, all three expressions can be combined as shown in this GET request on the /media resource with the onOrBeforeDate, onOrAfterDate, after and limit parameters included.

curl --header “Authorization: Bearer ${TOKEN}” \